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Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Asking questions at the end of an interview is an opportunity to prove yourself and to learn if the role and organization are the right fit for you. 

If you are out of ideas for this stage, we drafted a list of questions you can use during your interviews. 

First of all, we recommend candidates avoid using generic language. Instead, they should personalize their questions from "What does a typical day look like?" to "What would a day for me in this role look like?" 


❔ What are your expectations for me in this role?

❔ What are the most immediate projects that I would take on?

❔ What key performance indicators will be evaluated? 

❔ Do you conduct performance reviews? 

❔ What are the most significant challenges I might face in this role? 

❔ Who will I work with most closely? What other department will I collaborate with? 

❔ What's your favorite part of working here?

❔ What are the main goals that the company is focused on?

❔ How has the company changed over the last few years? 

❔ What are the company's plans for growth and development?

❔ What does the onboarding process consist of? 

❔ What learning and development opportunities will I have in this role?


Finally, when you have all the answers you need to guide your decision, you can ask about the next steps in the hiring process.

The end of an interview is a chance to continue to prove yourself and to find out whether this job is the right fit for you. Choose the questions that interest you more and write them down on your agenda to glance at them before the interview. 

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