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Microsoft's AI to empower India’s AI landscape by training over 100,000 developers

Microsoft's AI to empower India’s AI landscape by training over 100,000 developers

Microsoft's AI Odyssey sets an unprecedented course, aimed at empowering 100,000 developers across India in AI tools and applications. This month-long initiative, open to all AI enthusiasts regardless of background, signifies a monumental shift in the country's technological landscape.

It’s going to be a transformative learning experience

The AI Odyssey, accessible via, features two levels designed for comprehensive AI education. Level one delves into Azure AI services, offering resources like code samples and guides to build and deploy AI solutions across diverse scenarios. Level two challenges participants with an online assessment and interactive lab tasks, rewarding them with coveted Microsoft Applied Skills credentials upon completion.

How will it help in shaping Indias AI narrative?

Irina Ghose, Microsoft India's Managing Director, recognizes India's tech talent and highlights AI's pivotal role in fostering innovation. The program invites developers to showcase their creativity in AI, contributing significantly to India's technological advancement.

Going beyond education & seizing opportunities

The journey doesn't culminate with skill acquisition. Completion of both levels grants participants a chance to attend the exclusive Microsoft AI Tour in Bangalore on February 8, 2024. It's not just about learning; it's about networking and recognition within the burgeoning AI ecosystem.

Microsoft's AI Odyssey heralds a new era in India's tech trajectory. Embrace this opportunity, dive into the world of AI, and become a catalyst in shaping India's AI-driven future. Join the revolution—embark on the AI Odyssey today!

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