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7 Productivity Hacks to Maximize Performance 🎯

7 Productivity Hacks to Maximize Performance 🎯

Staying productive is essential to achieving your goals in both personal and professional ambitions. However, there are a myriad of distractions and demands competing for your attention which makes maintaining high productivity levels challenging.

In this newsletter, we explore 7 productivity hacks you can use to increase your performance and reach your targets.

1. Prioritization is King

Not all tasks are of an importance significance while others are critical for the organization or clients. By creating a list of tasks and prioritizing them based on their importance and urgency, you will be able to maintain consistency in the levels of productivity. You can also add the progress you've made on some responsibilities to get your motivation back on track. Don't feel the pressure to fulfill all the projects in one go. Have a plan with deadlines for each stage of the task. It's basically about... 👇

2. Breaking tasks into manageable chunks

Complex projects are never-ending and can be overwhelming. To avoid procrastination, you can break down big projects into smaller and measurable tasks to make them feel more achievable to make you feel more motivated and focused.

3. Have you heard about the Pomodoro technique

If not, hear it out - this is one of the most popular time management methods that involves working in short bursts of focused activity followed by brief breaks. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work on a single task with full concentration. After each session, take a 5-minute break to recharge your concentration before the next 25-minute session.

Did you know there's even an app for this technique? Yes, there is - it's called Engross aka the "Pomodoro" app.

4. Getting easily distracted affects performance

There are so many things going on that distract us from our work. It can be an urgent task, a last-minute update on a project, or maybe it's an important email from a client. Despite having a to-do list, priorities may shuffle around and that's fine. Adapting to new tasks and requirements or reshuffling priorities is critical during today's constantly changing markets. Still, you can try to minimize some distractions, by turning off notifications on your phone, blocking times in your calendar, and going in a quiet space free from interruptions.

5. Time blocking for a distractions-free schedule

Allocating specific time blocks for different tasks throughout the time will allow you to focus on tasks, avoiding multitasking which can further lead to decreased efficiency.

6. Productivity tools

There an apps out there for everything you need to manage - work-life balance apps, mental health apps, sports apps to track your physical activity, and food apps to count the calories of your meal. Well, if you want to measure productivity or performance, there are also plenty of apps you can use:,, for setting reminders, and many more.

7. Just stop for a moment and... breathe

Take breaks to reset, recharge your batteries, and do things that inspire and motivate you. This is essential for the long run. Make sure you build a well-balanced schedule for a sustainable career! Being conscious of your time, work and efforts is critical for a long-term plan so take your time to reflect on your work and achievements! This can help you personally and professionally as you take time to breathe, reflect, adapt, and plan.

If you feel that you are losing your productivity this will probably be caused by burnout and lack of motivation! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your performance back on track by implementing these techniques.

Did we miss any productivity hacks? Share your tricks with us in the comments section. 💭

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